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Canine / Dog CBD - CBD for Dogs

I have written and erased at least 10 pages of text while trying to write about dogs. I do not have words to express the thoughts that rush over me when I think of all the dogs I have been blessed to live with, the dogs that pulled me on a sled through the glacial snow of Alaska, the dogs I hunted with in the Mexican deserts, swam with in the Creeks of Texas, hiked with along the coast of California, the dogs that kept me warm in my bed as a kid, and now I see and work with dogs used for special services.

A personal goal of mine, while building a Cannabis (Hemp) company, was to create a product for dogs, of all ages and breeds. After 2 years of R&D and taking many steps to simplify and very basic recipe we at Gaia Logic Organics are very proud to present CBD Canine.

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