1000 mg per 30 ml.  Pure CBD Isolate with MCT oil. No THC, flavinoids or terpenes.  Made fom all USDA ceritified organic.  Odorless and Tasteless.

1000mg CBD Isolate

SKU: 1000mgISO
  • GLO CBD Isolate conatains only pure CBD, extracted without chemicals from raw hemp.  This raw hemp is certified by the USDA as 100% Organic. USDA guidlines and requirments are very particuar on organic certification.  We use the finest Cocnut MCT oil in the world. Our MCT oil is the only truly USDA ceritified organic and Non GMO on the planet Earth. The carrier oil is Coconut MCT or medium chain triglycerides.  

    This Product contain 0.0% THC. Non-Psychoactive.